Southeast Profiles: Bonnie Doon and Forest Heights

Tue, 28 Oct by The Paranych Team

Forest Heights Luxury EdmontonThis week, the Paranych Luxury Team decided that it’s been a while since we spoke about some of the areas and communities that make us proud to be in Edmonton. But sometimes it’s great when we focus on the communities themselves. Edmonton has hundreds, and it’s important to get a sense of the neighbourhood that you and your family choose to live in.

Today, the spotlight is on Bonnie Doon and the community of Forest Heights. These communities are part of the southeast area of Edmonton, and each of them has their own unique character.

Bonnie Doon Community MapBonnie Doon takes its name from Scottish, meaning pleasant rolling knolls. Once located in the former city of Strathcona, which is now a district and neighbourhood of its own.

Bonnie Doon is also the heart centre of Alberta’s French cultural population. and the French University campus there is one of two in western Canada.

These few historical elements give Bonnie Doon much of its charm. Many of the larger and luxury homes were built in the early 1900s, and many of those structures are in great shape. Masonry, classic patios and garages are very popular.

But Bonnie Doon also has more modern flare. Traditional homes contrast the outcrop of contemporary and sleekly modern luxury homes in and around the Mill Creek Ravine. Some of these very recent constructions are infill homes.

Bonnie Doon only provides a luxury home buyer offers occasionally. We say this because people don’t tend to leave this community in large numbers. Buyers must be diligent and have the right team on their side.

Forest Heights Luxury in EdmontonForest Heights is another southeastern community that has garnered a lot of attention over the years. Bordered by the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Forest Heights is known for beautiful riverside views and trails for active lifestyles. Recognized throughout the city as one of the prime mature neighbourhoods, the mix of housing types is actually quite dynamic, making it a vibrant and lively community for families.

For luxury homes, Forest Heights has numerous options, though the homes tend to be later builds than the turn-of-the century homes in Bonnies Doon. As Forest Heights’ expansion primarily happened after WWII, the majority of luxury homes lie somewhere between late traditional designs and modern contemporary designs.

These two neighbourhoods offer completely unique homes and experiences for their luxury residents and home buyers. Take a trip through the areas to get a sense of the warmth and character, and how they differ.

If you would like to know more about the luxury communities in Edmonton, or if you would like to buy or sell a luxury home, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to have a conversation with you about how we can help.


Keswick Luxury Homes: Edmonton’s Newest Community

Tue, 29 Jul by The Paranych Team
Imperial Home: Keswick Community

This is one of the many homes planned for Keswick by MLC Land Edmonton

Here in Edmonton, we’ve been blessed with the sheer beauty of luxury communities, mature and new.

Just last year, a new lush, natural and beautifully designed luxury development was announced. It was planned on a scale that this city has rarely seen—a community set along the pristine corridor of the North Saskatchewan River. It gets accolades from designers, sellers and buyers alike.

Welcome to the southern Edmonton community of Keswick (pronounced Kezz’-ik).

On the southwestern stretch of the river, parallel to Ellerslie Drive, and west of 170 Street, you will find one of the finest vestiges of prime riverfront left in Edmonton. Named after a beautiful lake district in England, Edmonton’s Keswick properties bring the same luxurious living and sophisticated design. The land management was developed with sustainability and longevity in mind using a wide array of native plants and waterways that protect both riverbanks and homeowners alike.

Homeowners in Keswick have no problem getting anywhere in the city because of the access to the Anthony Henday ring road. The Ellerslie Road access also enables drivers to get to Southgate Mall, South Edmonton Common, and the Currents of Windemere shopping districts.

For avid golf fans, Keswick enjoys three nearby golf courses, allowing for even more leisure time close to home. The Whitemud Creek, River Ridge and Windemere Golf and Country Clubs are excellent options for serious or novice players alike.

Keswick Luxury Homes: Google Map

Keswick offers easy access throughout the city.

Access to these lifestyle amenities are what make the Keswick community so appealing to Edmonton luxury homebuyers. The mixture of single and multi-family homes adds diversity to the community, bringing families of all sizes and ages to the riverfront. Sound planning and design decisions were made by some of Edmonton’s leading builders and developers. Some of them include:

  • Cameron Homes
  • Landmark Homes
  • Pacesetter Homes
  • Aacropolis Estates

The Keswick neighbourhood merges sophisticated simplicity and timeless tradition in design while still letting nature breathe throughout the community. It’s a jewel like nothing we’ve seen in Edmonton, and we recommend that if you’re seeking an Edmonton luxury home, look no further than Keswick on the River. Both Valleyside and Estate properties are available, and as Phase 2 gets rolled out this year, it will be much easier to find and buy the home you desire.

And if you have any questions about properties in Keswick or other south Edmonton Homes, be sure to get in touch.


Luxury Community Profile: The Estates of Granville

Tue, 29 Apr by The Paranych Team

Live A Life Of Luxury In Granville

Luxury Edmonton Home

Discover the Estates of Granville

If you’re looking for a home fit for royalty look no further than the Estates of Granville. This community features premium luxury properties and a superb location fit for any Edmonton family. Best of all, these luxury properties come at an affordable price. Buyers can choose from an apartment style condo or duplex, a single family home, or an upscale estate. Estates of Granville are placed on large lots and offer attractive features such as triple-car garages, or walkout basements that back onto a scenic fountain, or a mature tree-stand.

This community is located in Edmonton’s Western quadrant. it’s surrounding communities include Glastonbury to the East and The Hamptons to the South. Granville is bordered by Whitemud Drive to the North, 62 ave to the South, and 215 St to the West. It also shares its Eastern border with the community of Glastonbury.

ParanychLuxury invites you to step inside this community and explore the world of opportunity for you and your family. Granville contains many conveniences such as:

  • + two childrens playgrounds
  • an abundance of natural green spaces
  • + award-winning features
  • + upgraded fencing with masonry pillars
  • + an extensive trail system that connects residents with nearby communities
  • + nearby shopping centres
  • + 3 grocery stores and a costco
  • + restaurants
  • + schools and medical services

If you’re ready to live in this near-perfect community, get in touch with Rob Halabi. You too can experience a life of premium luxury in Edmonton’s west end.

Hot Trends In Luxury Real Estate

Thu, 19 Dec by The Paranych Team

Looking To Buy An Edmonton Luxury Home?

This Christmas, whether you’re searching the market for your next property, or interested in making some more upgrades to your luxurious Edmonton home- knowing the latest trends can help you keep your property looking its best. We’ve gathered the Top 5 Hottest Trends in the Edmonton Luxury Real Estate market and included them below:

  1. Marble. Who doesn’t love a kitchen with beautiful marble kitchen countertops in their Edmonton Luxury property? Whether it’s a marble bath, or gorgeous marble floors, this trend is on the rise! White marble, in particular, adds an extra touch to your home’s interior that is unsurpassed.
  2. Three-car Garage. The majority of Edmonton Luxury homeowners have more than one vehicle, so a three-vehicle garage helps keep things less crowded. If you’re often entertaining guests at your Edmonton Luxury home, having the additional space doesn’t hurt.
  3. Entertainment Spaces. What’s the point of owning a Million-Dollar home if it doesn’t come with certain luxuries? Luxury Edmonton homeowners love their media rooms, saunas, and pool areas. Even a large spacious basement that can be turned into a secondary suite or “man-cave” is considered a must-have.
  4. Green Living. We’re happy to see this trend is on the rise! There is an increasing demand for “green” homes and “green” materials. This includes: environmentally friendly building materials, environmentally friendly paint, and environmentally friendly solar panels.
  5. Outdoor Spaces. There’s nothing like sitting on the roof deck or terrace enjoying an ice cold drink on a hot Summer’s day. Many of these outdoor living spaces are also incorporating fully equipped kitchen areas, outdoor fireplaces, comfortable furniture, and audio systems.


Are you looking for an Edmonton Luxury property that has all these hot trends? Contact The Paranych Team today for a complimentary Home Buyers Consultation. Alternatively, you can also search our Listings to fall in love with your next Luxury home.

Buying or Selling An Edmonton Luxury Home?

Wed, 20 Nov by The Paranych Team

It may be Winter, but the Edmonton Luxury Market is hot, hot, hot! All the different options in Edmonton properties can make it difficult to choose the right Edmonton Luxury home. And if you’re selling your Edmonton Luxury Home for the first time, it can be just as tough to find the Right Buyer. Thankfully, if you’re new to the Edmonton Luxury Homes Real Estate Market, ParanychLuxuryHomes.COM can be your real estate guides!

Characteristics Of An Edmonton Luxury Home

Location Matters. When looking to buy an Edmonton Luxury Home for sale, it’s all about location, location, location! Edmonton has many Luxury communities where you can find your next property to call home, so it is important to look for the area that is best suited to you and your family’s lifestyle.
Buying Or Selling A Paranych Luxury Home?
Surrounding Amenities Is the Luxury home located in Southwest Edmonton? Does it have a breathtaking view of the River Valley? Take into consideration its the surrounding amenities and how they fit into your lifestyle. For many Luxury Homebuyers in Edmonton, whether or not the home backs onto a prestigious golf course can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

Uniqueness in architecture. In the market, you can choose Luxury homes of Contemporary, Modernist, Grand Victorian, and Classic Georgian styles; however, a true Luxury home must have its own unique set of qualities. Look for that special touch or feature that sets it apart from other cookie-cutter homes. Whether it’s a custom kitchen, or a custom built roof terrace, make sure the Luxury home also has excellent quality finishes and superb design.

Who Are The Luxury Home Buyers?

According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, the majority of Luxury Home Buyers in Canada come from finance, investment, banking field, or legal fields. They range from successful entrepreneurs, large business owners, or international business owners. The average Luxury Home Buyers are between 40 to 50 years old, couples with two or three kids, and have incomes of $100,000 or higher.

Looking To Buy An Edmonton Luxury Home?

We can help you find the ideal Million-Dollar Home with all the right characteristics. Give them a call today and start packing!

Edmonton Community Spotlight: Woodhaven

Tue, 27 Aug by The Paranych Team

Woodhaven is Edmonton’s hidden gem


Woodhaven brings nature to your doorstep.

Tucked away in Edmonton’s Southwest corner is the charming new community of Woodhaven. Constructed West of the North Saskatchewan River, Woodhaven is surrounded by natural splendour and offers residents multiple opportunities to embrace the great outdoors. Step inside this luxurious and elegant community, where nature’s wild beauty meets stunning architectural luxury homes. Woodhaven is perfect for active families of all sizes who enjoy the recreational opportunities and natural wilderness available.

Conveniently positioned along the Wedgewood ravine, Woodhaven is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of Edmonton. Only minutes away from the Anthony Henday Drive, its surrounding communities are Cameron Heights to the East and The Hamptons to the North. Due to its pristine location, families in Woodhaven are a quick drive away from services, amenities, and major shopping destinations such as West Edmonton Mall. As Woodhaven continues to bloom, more residents will see an increase of residential housing and established community boundaries.

Developments in the community began in 2011 and will occur over 4 stages. Once completed approximately 650 single family lots, 2 multi-family sites, and 80 acres of open space will occupy the land in Woodhaven. Homes that back onto the ravine are also available. Four of Edmonton’s most respected builders are participating in the first stage of residential developments. These award-winning builders are producing luxury homes in Tudor, Craftsman, and Modern Heritage styles.

If you’re interested in living in the up-and-coming community of Woodhaven, contact The Paranych Team today! Their industry knowledge backed by their team of professionals, can help you find your dream home in the paradise of Woodhaven. To begin your home buying or home building experience, contact Rob to schedule a complimentary home buyers consultation.

Southwest Communities Welcome New Police Division

Fri, 21 Jun by The Paranych Team

Luxury homeowners in Windermere and the Terwillegar area were happy to hear the news of a new Edmonton Police Division near their homes. The brand new Southwest Division station opened in early June and is located in close proximity to The Currents Of Windermere. Due to the rapid growth of development in southwest Edmonton, the location of this Police station gives residents an extra sense of security. The new Southwest Division will replace the station on 51st Avenue which opened in 1976.

“The new state-of-the-art facility will help us meet the needs of our rapidly growing communities of southwest Edmonton for years to come.”

Now that the Southwest Division is open, Windermere homeowners will likely see more Edmonton Police Vehicles patrolling the area. The new station is located at 1351 Windermere Way south of the Anthony Henday at Terwillegar Drive. Over the course of the next few weeks members of the Southwest Division will make the final transition to their new station. Although the new Southwest Division is already operational, there are plans in the works to host a community grand opening in late July.

Edmonton Police Vehicle

Photo by: Sangudo

Looking to buy a luxury home in Southwest Edmonton? Look no further than the Paranych team, his real estate knowledge, experience, and passion for the industry will be your advantage. Contact the Paranych team today and start packing!

Luxury Real Estate in the Community of Westmount

Fri, 29 Mar by The Paranych Team

Westmount Edmonton

The west-central Edmonton community of Westmount is one of the city’s oldest areas. Despite their maturity, Westmount homes have retained their whimsical beauty and signature characteristics.

Westmount has been recognized for its historical value since the 1980’s when homes within a 9 block radius were named as the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area. Since numerous architectural structures in Westmount are seen as historical monuments, they are protected by the Edmonton Historical Board.

Westmount School

Westmount is one of the few communities to have its own school Photo by: Sahlgoode

With its welcoming tree-lined streets, Westmount offers amenities such as shopping and entertainment within walking distance. Due to its proximity to downtown Edmonton, Westmount’s population has rapidly grown to over 5,000 residents.

Situated in the southern portion of Westmount is Groat Estates- a luxury neighbourhood filled with stunning character homes. Some luxury units in the area feature spectacular views of the Edmonton River Valley and have been extensively renovated.

The Paranych Luxury Team invites you to search all Westmount Luxury Real Estate here! If you are looking to sell, contact us today to book a personalized Luxury Home Evaluation.

Edmonton Community Spotlight: Ambleside

Thu, 28 Feb by The Paranych Team

Photo by: Mastermaq

Found in the luxurious Windermere area, Ambleside is a chic southwest Edmonton neighbourhood. The community blends classic elegance, modern style and country charm, with a city convenience in a magnificent atmosphere. North of Ambleside is the Anthony Henday Drive, so residents are close to major amenities. Since its inception, Ambleside has grown in popularity among Edmontonians. Currently, it boasts a population of 10,800 residents in over 4,500 homes.

Houses in the area include beautiful single-family homes, apartment complexes, townhouses, rowhouses and breathtaking estate triplex. Ambleside also has residential areas solely for adult living. With the wide variety of homes available the community appeals to families, first-time home buyers, or retirees. Ambleside has been carefully developed to have a balanced rural feel with the incorporation of a city convenience. Many Ambleside homes come with lovely views of the ravine or streetscapes. The luxurious feel of this area and the architectural beauty and grace of its homes, make Ambleside a highly-sought after Edmonton neighbourhood. With the recent launch of a new phase, the area will soon see the development of 200 lots for single-family homes.

The community of Ambleside has numerous amenities and recreational options for its residents. It is situated a short distance from the Fairway Drive Community Police Station, Fire station and hospitals such as the Grey Nuns and the University of Alberta. Retail options can be found in the shopping plaza, Currents of Windermere, which is a short walk away. Currents of Windermere features a fully-licensed VIP Theatre, the first of its kind in Alberta. Further development of the commercial area near the community of Ambleside is expected. Homeowners can also access South Edmonton Common shopping plaza or the popular West Edmonton MAll through the Anthony Henday Drive.

Photo by: Mastermap

Living in Ambleside satisfies outdoor-enthusiasts and active residents alike. The community is surrounded by natural settings with a number of naturalized constructed ponds and a network of paths for walking, cycling or running. Nearby golf courses include: Windermere Golf and Country Club, Red Tail Landing, River Ridge Golf and Country Club. Recreational facilities such as the Terwillegar Rec Centre are a short drive away.

Nearby Schools:
Lillian Osborne High School | Esther Starkman School | Westbrook School | Vernon Barford School (Junior High) | Monsignor William Irwin Catholic School | Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Catholic School

Looking for a home in the community of Ambleside? Contact Rob Halabi today! Alternatively, you can also search Ambleside Homes for sale in Edmonton on our website.

Windermere Estates

Tue, 22 Jan by The Paranych Team

The bustling development of Windermere is located in the heart of Edmonton’s southwest. It’s communities are elegant, graceful and breathe life into the suburbs. Windermere lays east of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and is easily accessible by the popular Anthony Henday Drive. The area has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years and will continue to show signs of improvement in the years to come.

Windermere Community: Ambleside

Wintertime in the Windermere Community of Abmleside. Photo by: Master Maq

Windermere luxury homes feature architectural beauty, surrounded in a natural environment. They truly encompass the development’s name and “take one’s breath way.” Homes include: single detached houses, luxurious estates, duplexes and condominiums. There are currently six communities in Windermere: Ambleside, Langdale, River Pointe, Upper Windermere and Windermere North. With gracious lots overlooking the City of Edmonton’s River Valley landscape, residents enjoy living in a walkable and sustainable community. With the addition of the shopping plaza, Currents of Windermere, residents also have access to big-name businesses and commercial developments.

VIP Theatre


You don’t have to live in Windermere Estates to experience luxury and style. The Cineplex Odeon Windermere and VIP Cinemas is the first of its kind to open in Alberta. Luckily, Edmontonians have direct access to its amenities and can watch movies in style. The cinemas features:

  • 7 regular auditoriums
  • 1 UltraAVX auditorium
  • Large video archade
  • 3 VIP Cinemas

The VIP Theatre at Windermere is an out-of-this-world experience.
Photo by: QTTheory

What makes this movie theatre special is the UltraAVX and VIP Cinemas. Both are fully licensed for the 18+ crowd. They serve alcoholic beverages ranging from 8 oz glasses of wine, to movie themed drinks like the 007 cocktail. In addition to the alcohol, movie-fans experience larger and more comfortable seating with lots of legroom. Each seat also comes with movable tray tables, perfect for laying food and snacks on. Food options include Pizza 73, TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) and Outtakes. Guests can order food or drinks for direct delivery to their VIP seat!

From the extensive arcade facility to the VIP auditoriums, this theatre gives Edmontonians something to be proud of.

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