Keswick Luxury Homes: Edmonton’s Newest Community

Tue, 29 Jul by The Paranych Team
Imperial Home: Keswick Community

This is one of the many homes planned for Keswick by MLC Land Edmonton

Here in Edmonton, we’ve been blessed with the sheer beauty of luxury communities, mature and new.

Just last year, a new lush, natural and beautifully designed luxury development was announced. It was planned on a scale that this city has rarely seen—a community set along the pristine corridor of the North Saskatchewan River. It gets accolades from designers, sellers and buyers alike.

Welcome to the southern Edmonton community of Keswick (pronounced Kezz’-ik).

On the southwestern stretch of the river, parallel to Ellerslie Drive, and west of 170 Street, you will find one of the finest vestiges of prime riverfront left in Edmonton. Named after a beautiful lake district in England, Edmonton’s Keswick properties bring the same luxurious living and sophisticated design. The land management was developed with sustainability and longevity in mind using a wide array of native plants and waterways that protect both riverbanks and homeowners alike.

Homeowners in Keswick have no problem getting anywhere in the city because of the access to the Anthony Henday ring road. The Ellerslie Road access also enables drivers to get to Southgate Mall, South Edmonton Common, and the Currents of Windemere shopping districts.

For avid golf fans, Keswick enjoys three nearby golf courses, allowing for even more leisure time close to home. The Whitemud Creek, River Ridge and Windemere Golf and Country Clubs are excellent options for serious or novice players alike.

Keswick Luxury Homes: Google Map

Keswick offers easy access throughout the city.

Access to these lifestyle amenities are what make the Keswick community so appealing to Edmonton luxury homebuyers. The mixture of single and multi-family homes adds diversity to the community, bringing families of all sizes and ages to the riverfront. Sound planning and design decisions were made by some of Edmonton’s leading builders and developers. Some of them include:

  • Cameron Homes
  • Landmark Homes
  • Pacesetter Homes
  • Aacropolis Estates

The Keswick neighbourhood merges sophisticated simplicity and timeless tradition in design while still letting nature breathe throughout the community. It’s a jewel like nothing we’ve seen in Edmonton, and we recommend that if you’re seeking an Edmonton luxury home, look no further than Keswick on the River. Both Valleyside and Estate properties are available, and as Phase 2 gets rolled out this year, it will be much easier to find and buy the home you desire.

And if you have any questions about properties in Keswick or other south Edmonton Homes, be sure to get in touch.


Edmonton Luxury Landscapes: More than Curb Appeal

Mon, 23 Jun by The Paranych Team


Among the luxury homes in Edmonton, owners are coming up with creative ways to plan and use their outdoor spaces. Many have already created spaces that are refined, luxurious and harmonious with their lifestyles. Having a space that complements the look and feel of a luxury home is important, but new trends suggest that there is more at play when it comes to making the right decisions for your outdoor spaces.

1. Outdoor Design Brings Value

It might be alarming to hear that many people still think that designing and creating an outdoor living space means arranging some trees and shrubs and picking up a patio set from a furniture designer or department store. With Edmonton’s short summers (and harsh winters), taking the time and resources to build a luxury outdoor space might seem, well,  extreme. But a well designed outdoor area can add considerable value to a property. Some estimate that as much as 20% of the overall value can be added to your home, with a 100-200% recovery value when you sell your property. Very few home improvements generate those high returns.

2. Outdoor Landscaping Brings Harmony

I’ve seen my share of grand designs, and they can be dramatic at first glance. But it gets awkward when visitors and guests realize that the space lacks harmony. One of the most easily overlooked details of luxury outdoor design is also one of the most obvious when it’s done incorrectly. Professionals help to plan out the placement of softscape (trees, shrubs, grasses) and hardscape (walls, water features, sculptures and walkways) to best balance the harmony of the area and the activity of homeowners and guests.

3. Outdoor Spaces Should be Versatile

One of the advantages of planning an outdoor living space is that you get ot ask the difficult questions right up front.

“How can I get use of my outdoor space in October or November, when we know that there will be snow on the ground?”

“What activities do I want to be able to perform while entertaining? Do I want to cook while still being able to attend to my swimming guests?”

A seasoned landscape planning professional will look at these questions, not as constraints, but as possibilities. Ultimately, the activities that you plan for you and your guests is critical in determining what will end up where.

Before anyone begins landscaping or even planning their outdoor space, I suggest that they think about what it is that they want to do with their outdoor space, and how they want to use it. The great thing about building an outdoor living space is that it has a very good chance of returning value, so take the time and energy required to make it exactly how you want it.

If you’re looking for a luxury home in Edmonton, or you are looking to sell your luxury home, get in touch. I’d love to have a conversation.

Edmonton Luxury Market: An Increased Demand

Wed, 22 Jan by The Paranych Team

Edmonton’s Luxury Market Heats Up

It may be wintertime, but the Edmonton Luxury market doesn’t show any sign of cooling down! During 2013, the city saw an increased activity of high-end homes bought and sold. In fact, a total of 115 MLS® sales in Luxury properties were accounted for in 2013— which is up by 29% from the 2012 figures.


Other interesting facts about the Luxury market include:

  • Most high-end properties sold 8.7% under the listing price.
  • The highest Luxury home in 2013 sold for $3.4 million (Rob Halabi represented the buyer during this transaction).
  • 14 properties were sold over and at listing price in 2013.
  • In addition to an increased demand there is also an increased competition in buyers.

Want to sell your Edmonton Luxury home? Get expert marketing of your Luxury property from those who understand the market. Each Luxury house is unique— which is why the Paranych Luxury Homes team will develop a personalized marketing strategy specific to your Luxury home. This custom marketing plan will not only ensure you find the Right Buyer, but it will also help make sure you receive what your Luxury home is worth in the Edmonton market!

If you’re looking to buy a Edmonton Luxury home, trust in The Paranych Team! Nobody knows and understands the Edmonton Luxury market like they do; which means they can seamlessly connect buyers and sellers resulting in a smoother transaction. Feel free to browse the listings for your next high-end home. Then contact Rob Halabi and start packing!

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Merry Christmas!

Wed, 18 Dec by The Paranych Team

Wishing You And Yours A Festive Christmas!

On behalf of the Paranych team, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Feel free to contact me you’re looking to buy an Edmonton Luxury property or if you have an Edmonton Luxury home for sale. 

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and a festive New Year!


The Paranych Team.

Decorative Styles For Edmonton Luxury Homes

Thu, 24 Oct by The Paranych Team

What’s Your Style?

When decorating your Edmonton Luxury home, you can save time and money with a thorough understanding your decorative style and the elements it requires. There are multiple variations of each style and over time Edmonton homeowners develop their own unique taste. Use this blog post to feed your creativity and help you add a special touch to your Luxurious Edmonton property.

Decorative Styles For Edmonton Luxury Homes

Rustic Style adds a touch of cabin-inspired decor. Photo by:

      • A Rustic Style blends raw natural beauty with earthy elements for a rugged organic feel. This style is common among Edmonton homeowners who want to add a touch of cabin-inspired decor to their Million Dollar homes. Look for wooden furniture, weathered materials, and warm earthy colours.
      • The Eclectic Decorating Style is popular among free-spirited Edmonton homeowners. It balances old and new mismatching elements to create the perfect display of your personality. Don’t be afraid to layer textures, and mismatch your furniture; however, keep your backgrounds plain so you don’t overdo it.
      • Contemporary Styles emphasize the impact of less colourful prints while incorporating lines, planes, and angles. Big, oversized artwork fits perfectly in Luxury homes with a contemporary decorative style, add high-impact furniture and little ornamentation as the finishing touch.
Decorative Styles For Edmonton Luxury Homes 2

Hollywood Recency adds even more Luxury to your Edmonton home. Photo by:

      • Want a Transitional feel in your Luxury Edmonton home? This decorating style is often used to radiate harmony inside a home. Transitional is all about balance and using the “best of both worlds.” Pair items throughout your home to create balance. Add splashes of colour for depth and dimension, without overpowering the room.
      • Hollywood Regency is the decorative style that breathed glam into films like The Great Gatsby. Many Edmonton Million Dollar homes follow this decorative style due to its luxurious nature. Hollywood Regency adds a dramatic, high-budget, and timeless appeal to your Luxury home. Think chandeliers, silk, blacks, whites, and metallic tones when going for a Hollywood Regency feel.

If you’re ready to buy an Edmonton Luxury home and decorate it with your perfect style, contact the Paranych team today. Alternatively, you can also search for Edmonton Luxury homes for sale to find the property that’s right for you.

Luxury Custom Staircases

Fri, 27 Sep by The Paranych Team

Add An Elevated Flair To Your Luxury Home

Do you want to add a special touch to your Edmonton Luxury property? One of the ways you can make a bold and unique statement is through your staircase. Years ago homeowners used staircases to connect the different floors of a property. Modern Luxury homeowners take advantage of their staircases and use them as a sculpture in their Edmonton homes. They add beautiful architectural details and artistic colours to enhance their Luxury properties.

The Edmonton Journal published an article with custom-made Luxury staircases found in Edmonton homes. Descriptions of their favourite work can be found below. If you’re thinking about renovating your Luxury home’s staircase, browse through the article images for inspiration.

Why we like it: The shapely underside of this graciously twisted centrepiece is as lovely as its cherrywood treads on the working side.
The builder: Stellar Homes Inc. is a small-volume builder of one-of-a-kind custom homes and acreage estate homes in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

Why we like it: A restrained use of timber, wood treads, steel stringers and glass railing create unity in juxtaposed materials.
The builder: Habitat Studio & Workshop was founded in 1992 and now has 23 employee-shareholders. It builds 18-20 projects per year and has a reputation for creating not only unique staircases but also energy-efficient homes.” Click here to read the full article.

If you’re looking for an Edmonton Luxury Home For Sale with a dramatic twist, contact us today. Alternatively, you can also search for Edmonton Luxury Properties and find one with a custom staircase to suit your luxurious lifestyle.

Keeping Edmonton Luxury Decks in Good Condition

Fri, 24 May by The Paranych Team

Edmonton luxury decks enhance your home aesthetically, while providing families with ample outdoor space. Think of your deck as an extension of your home – if you invest time on it, you will increase its lifespan. Decks receive a lot of abuse, more so than the rest of your Luxury Edmonton home: foot traffic, weather conditions, and outdoor parties can leave your Edmonton deck looking worn out. We have gathered the 3 best tips for keeping your Edmonton deck luxurious year-round.

Luxury Edmonton Home Deck

Image from: Trend Luxury

Spring Cleaning

During the late spring season wash your deck and inspect it for any debris, mold and dirt. Purchase some cleaner and scrub your deck from top to bottom including the railings. Keep an eye out for any signs of animals or wood-eating insects. If need be purchase a sealer or stain and apply. We recommend you use oil-based stains, they will not peel as much as regular paint or solid stain. The extra coat will also protect the wood from rough Edmonton winters.

No plants

It may surprise you to read this, but plants on your wooden deck can do more harm than good. Many pots create dampness and mold, eventually causing your wooden deck to rot. Hang your pots instead, it will give your deck a floral touch without fostering dirt, grime, and mold.

Year-round Maintenance

During the summer, sweep your deck regularly and check for any loose nails. Check the underside of your deck: inspect the posts, beams and posts. If your luxury deck has one, check the ledger that attaches your deck to the rest of the house. During the winter, shovel the snow from your deck as quickly as possible. Keep your home’s gutters and downspouts in good conditions.

On average, decks are a solid investment – returning 77% of their original cost. Having them in good condition will keep your deck safe, looking great and ready for your next BBQ. Looking to buy an Edmonton Luxury home for sale with a spacious deck? Contact the Paranych team today to schedule your next complimentary home buyers consultation. Alternatively, you can search through our MLS®, to view Edmonton Luxury homes for sale.

Luxury Wine Storage Places

Fri, 19 Apr by The Paranych Team

Recently we read an article on 10 Wonderful Wine Storage Spaces, and were blown away by what happens when creativity collides with the love of wine. Some of these Luxury Wine Storages are intricately designed to boast inspiration, originality, and architectural beauty. We have included our personal favorites below, which you too can incorporate into your Luxury Edmonton Home.

Luxury Wine Storage

Not all Luxury Wine Storages have the ambiance of a dungeon. The key to nurturing your wine hobby is to understand the space you have available. Next, you want to consider the design – for a special touch add backlit shelving. For easy access to your fermented friends, consider adding a wine storage under the stairs of your Luxury Edmonton Home.

Edmonton Community Spotlight: Ambleside

Thu, 28 Feb by The Paranych Team

Photo by: Mastermaq

Found in the luxurious Windermere area, Ambleside is a chic southwest Edmonton neighbourhood. The community blends classic elegance, modern style and country charm, with a city convenience in a magnificent atmosphere. North of Ambleside is the Anthony Henday Drive, so residents are close to major amenities. Since its inception, Ambleside has grown in popularity among Edmontonians. Currently, it boasts a population of 10,800 residents in over 4,500 homes.

Houses in the area include beautiful single-family homes, apartment complexes, townhouses, rowhouses and breathtaking estate triplex. Ambleside also has residential areas solely for adult living. With the wide variety of homes available the community appeals to families, first-time home buyers, or retirees. Ambleside has been carefully developed to have a balanced rural feel with the incorporation of a city convenience. Many Ambleside homes come with lovely views of the ravine or streetscapes. The luxurious feel of this area and the architectural beauty and grace of its homes, make Ambleside a highly-sought after Edmonton neighbourhood. With the recent launch of a new phase, the area will soon see the development of 200 lots for single-family homes.

The community of Ambleside has numerous amenities and recreational options for its residents. It is situated a short distance from the Fairway Drive Community Police Station, Fire station and hospitals such as the Grey Nuns and the University of Alberta. Retail options can be found in the shopping plaza, Currents of Windermere, which is a short walk away. Currents of Windermere features a fully-licensed VIP Theatre, the first of its kind in Alberta. Further development of the commercial area near the community of Ambleside is expected. Homeowners can also access South Edmonton Common shopping plaza or the popular West Edmonton MAll through the Anthony Henday Drive.

Photo by: Mastermap

Living in Ambleside satisfies outdoor-enthusiasts and active residents alike. The community is surrounded by natural settings with a number of naturalized constructed ponds and a network of paths for walking, cycling or running. Nearby golf courses include: Windermere Golf and Country Club, Red Tail Landing, River Ridge Golf and Country Club. Recreational facilities such as the Terwillegar Rec Centre are a short drive away.

Nearby Schools:
Lillian Osborne High School | Esther Starkman School | Westbrook School | Vernon Barford School (Junior High) | Monsignor William Irwin Catholic School | Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Catholic School

Looking for a home in the community of Ambleside? Contact Rob Halabi today! Alternatively, you can also search Ambleside Homes for sale in Edmonton on our website.

Windermere Estates

Tue, 22 Jan by The Paranych Team

The bustling development of Windermere is located in the heart of Edmonton’s southwest. It’s communities are elegant, graceful and breathe life into the suburbs. Windermere lays east of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and is easily accessible by the popular Anthony Henday Drive. The area has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years and will continue to show signs of improvement in the years to come.

Windermere Community: Ambleside

Wintertime in the Windermere Community of Abmleside. Photo by: Master Maq

Windermere luxury homes feature architectural beauty, surrounded in a natural environment. They truly encompass the development’s name and “take one’s breath way.” Homes include: single detached houses, luxurious estates, duplexes and condominiums. There are currently six communities in Windermere: Ambleside, Langdale, River Pointe, Upper Windermere and Windermere North. With gracious lots overlooking the City of Edmonton’s River Valley landscape, residents enjoy living in a walkable and sustainable community. With the addition of the shopping plaza, Currents of Windermere, residents also have access to big-name businesses and commercial developments.

VIP Theatre


You don’t have to live in Windermere Estates to experience luxury and style. The Cineplex Odeon Windermere and VIP Cinemas is the first of its kind to open in Alberta. Luckily, Edmontonians have direct access to its amenities and can watch movies in style. The cinemas features:

  • 7 regular auditoriums
  • 1 UltraAVX auditorium
  • Large video archade
  • 3 VIP Cinemas

The VIP Theatre at Windermere is an out-of-this-world experience.
Photo by: QTTheory

What makes this movie theatre special is the UltraAVX and VIP Cinemas. Both are fully licensed for the 18+ crowd. They serve alcoholic beverages ranging from 8 oz glasses of wine, to movie themed drinks like the 007 cocktail. In addition to the alcohol, movie-fans experience larger and more comfortable seating with lots of legroom. Each seat also comes with movable tray tables, perfect for laying food and snacks on. Food options include Pizza 73, TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) and Outtakes. Guests can order food or drinks for direct delivery to their VIP seat!

From the extensive arcade facility to the VIP auditoriums, this theatre gives Edmontonians something to be proud of.

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